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Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of the Solidification of Eutectic Al-Si AlloyThe eutectic alloys have a wide spectrum of applications due to their good castability and physical and mechanical properties. The interphase spacing resulting during solidification is an important microstructural feature that significantly influences the mechanical behavior of the material. Thus, knowledge of the evolution of the interphase spacing during solidification is necessary in order to properly design the solidification process and optimize the material properties. While the growth of regular eutectics is rather well understood, the irregular eutectics such as Al-Si or Fe-graphite exhibit undercoolings and lamellar spacings much larger than those theoretically predicted. Despite of a considerable amount of experimental and theoretical work a clear understanding of the true mechanism underlying the spacing selection in irregular eutectics is yet to be achieved. A new experimental study of the solidification of the eutectic Al-Si alloy will be reported in this paper. The measured interface undercoolings and lamellar spacing will be compared to those found in the literature in order to get more general information regarding the growth mechanism of irregular eutectics. A modification of the present theory of the eutectic growth is also proposed. The results of the modified mathematical model, accounting for a non-isothermal solid/liquid interface, will be compared to the experimental measurements.
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Marshall Space Flight Center
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Conference Paper
Sen, S.
(Universities Space Research Association Huntsville, AL United States)
Catalina, A. V.
(Universities Space Research Association Huntsville, AL United States)
Rose, M. Franklin
Date Acquired
August 20, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 2001
Subject Category
Metals And Metallic Materials
Meeting Information
Meeting: International Conference on Solidification Science and Processing
Location: Bangalore
Country: India
Start Date: February 18, 2001
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