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First NASA Aviation Safety Program Weather Accident Prevention Project Annual ReviewThe goal of this Annual Review was to present NASA plans and accomplishments that will impact the national aviation safety goal. NASA's WxAP Project focuses on developing the following products: (1) Aviation Weather Information (AWIN) technologies (displays, sensors, pilot decision tools, communication links, etc.); (2) Electronic Pilot Reporting (E-PIREPS) technologies; (3) Enhanced weather products with associated hazard metrics; (4) Forward looking turbulence sensor technologies (radar, lidar, etc.); (5) Turbulence mitigation control system designs; Attendees included personnel from various NASA Centers, FAA, National Weather Service, DoD, airlines, aircraft and pilot associations, industry, aircraft manufacturers and academia. Attendees participated in discussion sessions aimed at collecting aviation user community feedback on NASA plans and R&D activities. This CD is a compilation of most of the presentations presented at this Review.
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Conference Proceedings
Colantonio, Ron
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH United States)
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August 20, 2013
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May 1, 2000
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Air Transportation And Safety
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NAS 1.55:210207
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First NASA Aviation Safety Program Weather Accident Prevention Project Annual Review(Hampton, VA)
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PROJECT: RTOP 577-40-30
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