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The Design of Model-Based Training ProgramsThis paper proposes a model-based training program for the skills necessary to operate advance avionics systems that incorporate advanced autopilots and fight management systems. The training model is based on a formalism, the operational procedure model, that represents the mission model, the rules, and the functions of a modem avionics system. This formalism has been defined such that it can be understood and shared by pilots, the avionics software, and design engineers. Each element of the software is defined in terms of its intent (What?), the rationale (Why?), and the resulting behavior (How?). The Advanced Computer Tutoring project at Carnegie Mellon University has developed a type of model-based, computer aided instructional technology called cognitive tutors. They summarize numerous studies showing that training times to a specified level of competence can be achieved in one third the time of conventional class room instruction. We are developing a similar model-based training program for the skills necessary to operation the avionics. The model underlying the instructional program and that simulates the effects of pilots entries and the behavior of the avionics is based on the operational procedure model. Pilots are given a series of vertical flightpath management problems. Entries that result in violations, such as failure to make a crossing restriction or violating the speed limits, result in error messages with instruction. At any time, the flightcrew can request suggestions on the appropriate set of actions. A similar and successful training program for basic skills for the FMS on the Boeing 737-300 was developed and evaluated. The results strongly support the claim that the training methodology can be adapted to the cockpit.
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Conference Paper
Polson, Peter (Colorado Univ. Boulder, CO United States)
Sherry, Lance (Honeywell, Inc. Phoenix, AZ United States)
Feary, Michael (San Jose State Univ. Moffett Field, CA United States)
Palmer, Everett (NASA Ames Research Center Moffett Field, CA United States)
Alkin, Marty (Federal Express Corp. Memphis, TN United States)
McCrobie, Dan (Honeywell, Inc. Phoenix, AZ United States)
Kelley, Jerry (Honeywell, Inc. Phoenix, AZ United States)
Rosekind, Mark
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August 20, 2013
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January 1, 1997
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9th International Symposium on Aviation Psychology(Columbus, OH)
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