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carbonate melt rocks from the haughton impact structure, devon island, nunavut, canadaThe target rocks at the Haughton impact structure, Canada, are predominantly carbonates. The well preserved allochthonous crater-fill deposits are reinterpreted here as being carbonatitic impact melt rocks. The implications of our findings will be discussed. Additional information is contained in the original extended abstract.
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Conference Paper
Osinski, G. R.
(New Brunswick Univ. Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada)
Spray, J. G.
(New Brunswick Univ. Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada)
Lee, P.
(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Inst. Moffett Field, CA United States)
Date Acquired
August 20, 2013
Publication Date
April 1, 2002
Publication Information
Publication: Lunar and Planetary Science XXXIII
Subject Category
Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration
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