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Space Solar Power Concepts: Demonstrations to Pilot PlantsThe availability of abundant, affordable power where needed is a key to the future exploration and development of space as well as future sources of clean terrestrial power. One innovative approach to providing such power is the use of wireless power transmission (WPT). There are at least two possible WPT methods that appear feasible; microwave and laser. Microwave concepts have been generated, analyzed and demonstrated. Technologies required to provide an end-to-end system have been identified and roadmaps generated to guide technology development requirements. Recently, laser W T approaches have gained an increased interest. These approaches appear to be very promising and will possibly solve some of the major challenges that exist with the microwave option. Therefore, emphasis is currently being placed on the laser WPT activity. This paper will discuss the technology requirements, technology roadmaps and technology flight experiments demonstrations required to lead toward a pilot plant demonstration. Concepts will be discussed along with the modeling techniques that are used in developing them. Feasibility will be addressed along with the technology needs, issues and capabilities for particular concepts. Flight experiments and demonstrations will be identified that will pave the road from demonstrations to pilot plants and beyond.
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Conference Paper
Carrington, Connie K. (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, AL United States)
Feingold, Harvey (Science Applications International Corp. Schaumburg, IL United States)
Howell, Joe T.
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August 21, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 2002
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Spacecraft Propulsion and Power
Meeting Information
53rd IAF(Houston, TX)
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