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Synthesis and Characterization of SF-PPV-IConjugated electro-active polymers find their potential applications in developing variety inexpensive and flexible shaped electronic and photonic devices, such as photovoltaic or photo/electro light emitting devices. In many of these opto-electronic polymeric materials, certain electron rich donors and electron deficient acceptors are needed in order to fine-tune the electronic or photonic properties of the desired materials and structures. While many donor type of conjugated polymers have been widely studied and developed in the past decades, there are relatively fewer acceptor type of conjugated polymers have been developed. Key acceptor type conjugated polymers developed so far include C60 and CN-PPV, and each has its limitations. Due to the complexity and diversity of variety future electronic materials and structural needs, alternative and synthetically amenable acceptor conjugated polymers need to be developed. In this paper, we present the synthesis and characterization of a new acceptor conjugated polymer, a sulfone derivatized polyphenylenevinylene "SF-PPV".
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Wang, Y. (Norfolk State Univ. VA United States)
Fan, Z. (Norfolk State Univ. VA United States)
Taft, C. (Norfolk State Univ. VA United States)
Sun, S. (Norfolk State Univ. VA United States)
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August 21, 2013
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January 1, 2001
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Electronics and Electrical Engineering
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