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Universal Features of the Fluid to Solid Transition for Attractive Colloidal ParticlesAttractive colloidal particles can exhibit a fluid to solid phase transition if the magnitude of the attractive interaction is sufficiently large, if the volume fraction is sufficiently high, and if the applied stress is sufficiently small. The nature of this fluid to solid transition is similar for many different colloid systems, and for many different forms of interaction. The jamming phase transition captures the common features of these fluid to solid translations, by unifying the behavior as a function of the particle volume fraction, the energy of interparticle attractions, and the applied stress. This paper describes the applicability of the jamming state diagram, and highlights those regions where the fluid to solid transition is still poorly understood. It also presents new data for gelation of colloidal particles with an attractive depletion interaction, providing more insight into the origin of the fluid to solid transition.
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Cipelletti, L.
Prasad, V.
Dinsmore, A.
Segre, P. N.
Weitz, D. A.
Trappe, V.
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August 21, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 2002
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Atomic And Molecular Physics
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