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Echo Mapping of Active Galactic Nuclei
External Online Source: doi:10.1002/asna.200310207
Author and Affiliation:
Peterson, B. M.(Ohio State Univ., Dept. of Astronomy, Columbus, OH, United States)
Horne, K.(Saint Andrew's Univ., School of Physics and Astronomy, United Kingdom)
Abstract: Echo mapping makes use of the intrinsic variability of the continuum source in active galactic nuclei to map out the distribution and kinematics of line-emitting gas from its light travel time-delayed response to continuum changes. Echo mapping experiments have yielded sizes for the broad line-emitting region in about three dozen AGNs. The dynamics of the line-emitting gas seem to be dominated by the gravity of the central black hole, enabling measurement of the black-hole masses in AGNs. We discuss requirements for future echo-mapping experiments that will yield the high quality velocity-delay maps of the broad-line region that are needed to determine its physical nature.
Publication Date: Jan 01, 2004
Document ID:
(Acquired Apr 26, 2004)
Subject Category: ASTRONOMY
Document Type: Journal Article
Publication Information: Astron. Nachr.; p. 248-251; Volume 325; No. 3
Publisher Information: Wiley-VCH Verlag G.m.b.H. and Co. KGaA, Weinham, Germany
Contract/Grant/Task Num: NAG5-8397; NSF AST-02-05964
Financial Sponsor: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center; Greenbelt, MD, United States
National Science Foundation; United States
Organization Source: Ohio State Univ.; Dept. of Astronomy; Columbus, OH, United States
Description: 4p; In English
Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited
Rights: Copyright
Availability Source: Other Sources
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