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Towards a Visual Quality Metric for Digital VideoThe advent of widespread distribution of digital video creates a need for automated methods for evaluating visual quality of digital video. This is particularly so since most digital video is compressed using lossy methods, which involve the controlled introduction of potentially visible artifacts. Compounding the problem is the bursty nature of digital video, which requires adaptive bit allocation based on visual quality metrics. In previous work, we have developed visual quality metrics for evaluating, controlling, and optimizing the quality of compressed still images. These metrics incorporate simplified models of human visual sensitivity to spatial and chromatic visual signals. The challenge of video quality metrics is to extend these simplified models to temporal signals as well. In this presentation I will discuss a number of the issues that must be resolved in the design of effective video quality metrics. Among these are spatial, temporal, and chromatic sensitivity and their interactions, visual masking, and implementation complexity. I will also touch on the question of how to evaluate the performance of these metrics.
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Preprint (Draft being sent to journal)
Watson, Andrew B.
(NASA Ames Research Center Moffett Field, CA, United States)
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August 21, 2013
Publication Date
July 21, 1998
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Electronics And Electrical Engineering
Meeting Information
EUSIPCO''98: IEEE Transactions on Image Processing(Rhodes)
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PROJECT: RTOP 199-06-11-04
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