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Perspectives on African Ozone from Sondes, Dobson and Aircraft MeasurementsWe have been studying variability in ozone over Africa using data from ozonesondes (vertical profiles from surface to stratosphere), aircraft (the MOZAIC dataset with cruise altitude and landing/takeoff profiles) and the ground (Dobson spectrophotometer total ozone column measurement). The following may give context for ozone investigations during AMMA: 1. Total ozone measurements since 1989 show considerable variability in mean value among the African stations in Algeria, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, as well as in seasonal cycles and year-to-year. Trends are not evident. 2. The impacts of convection, stratospheric injection, biomass burning and lightning appear in ozone sounding profile data. Time-series analysis and case studies point to periodic influences of long-range interactions with the Atlantic ("ozone paradox," wave-one") and Indian Oceans. 3. Tropospheric ozone variations, observed in tropospheric profiles and integrated column amount, follow general seasonal patterns but short- term variability is so strong that simple averages are inadequate for describing "climatology" and statistical classification approaches may be required.
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Conference Paper
Thompson, A. M.
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD, United States)
Witte, J. C.
(NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD, United States)
Chatfield, R. B.
(NASA Ames Research Center Moffett Field, CA, United States)
Diab, R. D.
(KwaZulu-Natal Univ.)
Thouret, V.
(Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Toulouse, France)
Sauvage, B.
(Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Toulouse, France)
Date Acquired
August 21, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 2004
Subject Category
Environment Pollution
Meeting Information
2004 Joint Assembly - CGU/AGU/SEG/EEGS(Montreal)
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