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Rapid determination of ions by combined solid-phase extraction--diffuse reflectance spectroscopyWe introduce colorimetric solid-phase extraction (C-SPE) for the rapid determination of selected ions. This new technique links the exhaustive concentration of an analyte by SPE onto a membrane disk surface for quantitative measurement with a hand-held diffuse reflectance spectrometer. The concentration/measurement procedure is complete in approximately 1 min and can be performed almost anywhere. This method has been used to monitor iodine and iodide in spacecraft water in the 0.1-5.0 ppm range and silver(I) in the range of 5.0-1000 microg/l. Applications to the trace analysis of copper(II), nickel(II), iron(III) and chromium(VI) are described. Studies on the mechanism of extraction showed that impregnation of the disk with a surfactant as well as a complexing reagent results in uptake of additional water, which markedly improves the extraction efficiency.
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Fritz, James S. (US Department of Energy, Iowa State University Department of Chemistry, Ames, IA 50011, United States)
Arena, Matteo P.
Steiner, Steven A.
Porter, Marc D.
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August 21, 2013
Publication Date
May 16, 2003
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Publication: Journal of chromatography. A
Volume: 997
Issue: 1-2
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Life Sciences (General)
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NASA Program Advanced Human Support Technology
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NASA Discipline Life Sciences Technologies