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Neptune Orbiters Utilizing Solar and Radioisotope Electric Propulsion
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Fiehler, Douglas I.(QSS Group, Inc., Cleveland, OH, United States);
Oleson, Steven R.(NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, United States)
Abstract: In certain cases, Radioisotope Electric Propulsion (REP), used in conjunction with other propulsion systems, could be used to reduce the trip times for outer planetary orbiter spacecraft. It also has the potential to improve the maneuverability and power capabilities of the spacecraft when the target body is reached as compared with non-electric propulsion spacecraft. Current missions under study baseline aerocapture systems to capture into a science orbit after a Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP) stage is jettisoned. Other options under study would use all REP transfers with small payloads. Compared to the SEP stage/Aerocapture scenario, adding REP to the science spacecraft as well as a chemical capture system can replace the aerocapture system but with a trip time penalty. Eliminating both the SEP stage and the aerocapture system and utilizing a slightly larger launch vehicle, Star 48 upper stage, and a combined REP/Chemical capture system, the trip time can nearly be matched while providing over a kilowatt of science power reused from the REP maneuver. A Neptune Orbiter mission is examined utilizing single propulsion systems and combinations of SEP, REP, and chemical systems to compare concepts.
Publication Date: Aug 01, 2004
Document ID:
(Acquired Oct 21, 2004)
Report/Patent Number: NASA/TM-2004-213220, E-14727, AIAA Paper 2004-3978
Document Type: Technical Report
Meeting Information: 40th Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit; 11-14 Jul. 2004; Fort Lauderdale, FL; United States
Meeting Sponsor: American Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics; United States
American Society of Mechanical Engineers; United States
Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.; United States
American Society for Electrical Engineers; United States
Contract/Grant/Task Num: WBS 22-973-80-6040th Joint Pro
Financial Sponsor: NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH, United States
Organization Source: NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH, United States
Description: 16p; In English; Original contains color and black and white illustrations
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