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Cloning of the cDNA for U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle 70K protein from Arabidopsis thalianaWe cloned and sequenced a plant cDNA that encodes U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein (snRNP) 70K protein. The plant U1 snRNP 70K protein cDNA is not full length and lacks the coding region for 68 amino acids in the amino-terminal region as compared to human U1 snRNP 70K protein. Comparison of the deduced amino acid sequence of the plant U1 snRNP 70K protein with the amino acid sequence of animal and yeast U1 snRNP 70K protein showed a high degree of homology. The plant U1 snRNP 70K protein is more closely related to the human counter part than to the yeast 70K protein. The carboxy-terminal half is less well conserved but, like the vertebrate 70K proteins, is rich in charged amino acids. Northern analysis with the RNA isolated from different parts of the plant indicates that the snRNP 70K gene is expressed in all of the parts tested. Southern blotting of genomic DNA using the cDNA indicates that the U1 snRNP 70K protein is coded by a single gene.
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Reddy, A. S.
(Washington State University Pullman)
Czernik, A. J.
An, G.
Poovaiah, B. W.
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August 22, 2013
Publication Date
November 15, 1992
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Publication: Biochimica et biophysica acta
Volume: 1171
Issue: 1
ISSN: 0006-3002
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Life Sciences (General)
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NASA Discipline Plant Biology
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