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Psychology of computer use: IX. A menu of self-administered microcomputer-based neurotoxicology testsThis study examined the feasibility of repeated self-administration of a newly developed battery of mental acuity tests which may have application in screening for fitness-for-duty or for persons who may be exposed to environmental stress, toxic agents, or disease. 16 subjects self-administered 18 microcomputer-based tests (13 new, 5 "core"), without proctors, over 10 sessions. The hardware performed well throughout the study and the tests appeared to be easily self-administered. Stabilities and reliabilities of the tests from the "core" battery were comparable to those obtained previously under more controlled experimental conditions. Eight of the new tests exceeded minimum criteria for metric and practical requirements and can be recommended as additions to the menu. Although the average retest reliability was high, cross-correlations between tests were low, implying factorial diversity. The menu can be used to form batteries with flexible total testing time which are likely to tap different mental processes and functions.
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Kennedy, R. S. (Essex Corporation, Orland, FL 32803)
Baltzley, D. R.
Wilkes, R. L.
Kuntz, L. A.
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August 22, 2013
Publication Date
June 1, 1989
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Publication: Perceptual and motor skills
Volume: 68
Issue: 3 Pt 2
ISSN: 0031-5125
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Behavioral Sciences
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NASA Discipline Neuroscience
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