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Adopting Internet Standards for Orbital Use
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Author and Affiliation:
Wood, Lloyd(Cisco Systems, Inc., London, United Kingdom);
Ivancic, William(NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, United States);
da Silva Curiel, Alex(Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., Guildford, United Kingdom);
Jackson, Chris(Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., Guildford, United Kingdom);
Stewart, Dave(Verizon Federal Network Systems, Inc., OH, United States);
Shell, Dave(Cisco Systems, Inc., United States);
Hodgson, Dave(Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd., Guildford, United Kingdom)
Abstract: After a year of testing and demonstrating a Cisco mobile access router intended for terrestrial use onboard the low-Earth-orbiting UK-DMC satellite as part of a larger merged ground/space IP-based internetwork, we reflect on and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of integration and standards reuse for small satellite missions. Benefits include ease of operation and the ability to leverage existing systems and infrastructure designed for general use, as well as reuse of existing, known, and well-understood security and operational models. Drawbacks include cases where integration work was needed to bridge the gaps in assumptions between different systems, and where performance considerations outweighed the benefits of reuse of pre-existing file transfer protocols. We find similarities with the terrestrial IP networks whose technologies we have adopted and also some significant differences in operational models and assumptions that must be considered.
Publication Date: Nov 01, 2005
Document ID:
(Acquired Jan 03, 2006)
Subject Category: COMPUTER SYSTEMS
Report/Patent Number: NASA/TM-2005-213881, SSC05-IV-03, E-15252
Document Type: Technical Report
Meeting Information: Small Satellite Conference Utah State University; August 8-11, 2005; Logan, Utah; United States
Financial Sponsor: NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH, United States
Organization Source: NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH, United States
Description: 14p; In English; Original contains color illustrations
Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited
Rights: No Copyright
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