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A measurement by BOOMERANG of multiple peaks in the angular power spectrum of the cosmic microwave backgroundThis paper presents a measurement of the angular power spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background from l = 75 to l = 1025 (~10' to 5 degrees) from a combined analysis of four 150 GHz channels in the BOOMERANG experiment. The spectrum contains multiple peaks and minima, as predicted by standard adiabatic-inflationary models in which the primordial plasma undergoes acoustic oscillations.
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Conference Paper
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Netterfield, C. B.
Ade, P. A. R.
Bock, J. J.
Bond, J. R.
Borrill, J.
Boscaleri, A.
Coble, K.
Contaldi, C. R.
Crill, B. P.
Bernardis, P. de
Farese, P.
Ganga, K.
Giacometti, M.
Hivon, E.
Hristov, V. V.
Iacoangeli, A.
Jaffe, A. H.
Jones, W. C.
Lange, A. E.
Martinis, L.
Masi, S.
Mason, P.
Mauskopf, P.
Melchiorri, A.
Montroy, T.
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August 23, 2013
Publication Date
July 12, 2001
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BOOMERANG spectrum cosmos microwave

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