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(abstract) Studies of Interferometric Penetration into Vegetation Canopies using Multifrequency Interferometry Data at JPLRadar interferometric observations both from spaceborne and airborne platforms have been used to generate accurate topographic maps, measure milimeter level displacements from earthquakes and volcanoes, and for making land cover classification and land cover change maps. Interferometric observations have two basic measurements, interferometric phase, which depends upon the path difference between the two antennas and the correlation. One of the key questions concerning interferometric observations of vegetated regions is where in the canopy does the interferometric phase measure the height. Results for two methods of extracting tree heights and other vegetation parameters based upon the amount of volumetric decorrelation will be presented.
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Hensley, Scott
Rodriguez, Ernesto
Truhafft, Bob
van Zyl, Jakob
Rosen, Paul
Werner, Charles
Madsen, Sren
Chapin, Elaine
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August 23, 2013
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January 6, 1997
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Communications And Radar
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radar interferometry vegetation land cover

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