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High-Resolution Gamma-Ray Imaging Measurements Using Externally Segmented Germanium DetectorsFully two-dimensional gamma-ray imaging with simultaneous high-resolution spectroscopy has been demonstrated using an externally segmented germanium sensor. The system employs a single high-purity coaxial detector with its outer electrode segmented into 5 distinct charge collection regions and a lead coded aperture with a uniformly redundant array (URA) pattern. A series of one-dimensional responses was collected around 511 keV while the system was rotated in steps through 180 degrees. A non-negative, linear least-squares algorithm was then employed to reconstruct a 2-dimensional image. Corrections for multiple scattering in the detector, and the finite distance of source and detector are made in the reconstruction process.
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Callas, J.
Mahoney, W.
Skelton, R.
Varnell, L.
Wheaton, W.
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August 23, 2013
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January 1, 1994
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spectroscopy gamma ray germanium sensor nucleosynthesis solar flare physics

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