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Measurement of Creep Properties of Ultra-High-Temperature Materials by a Novel Non-Contact TechniqueA non-contact technique for measuring the creep properties of materials has been developed and validated as part of a collaboration among the University of Massachusetts, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Electrostatic Levitation Facility (ESL), and the University of Tennessee. This novel method has several advantages over conventional creep testing. The sample is deformed by the centripetal acceleration from the rapid rotation, and the deformed shapes are analyzed to determine the strain. Since there is no contact with grips, there is no theoretical maximum temperature and no concern about chemical compatibility. Materials may be tested at the service temperature even for extreme environments such as rocket nozzles, or above the service temperature for accelerated testing of materials for applications such as jet engines or turbopumps for liquid-fueled engines. The creep measurements have been demonstrated to 2400 C with niobium, while the test facility, the NASA MSFC ESL, has processed materials up to 3400 C. Furthermore, the ESL creep method employs a distribution of stress to determine the stress exponent from a single test, versus the many tests required by conventional methods. Determination of the stress exponent from the ESL creep tests requires very precise measurement of the surface shape of the deformed sample for comparison to deformations predicted by finite element models for different stress exponents. An error analysis shows that the stress exponent can be determined to about 1% accuracy with the current methods and apparatus. The creep properties of single-crystal niobium at 1985 C showed excellent agreement with conventional tests performed according to ASTM Standard E-139. Tests on other metals, ceramics, and composites relevant to rocket propulsion and turbine engines are underway.
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Conference Paper
Hyers, Robert W. (Massachusetts Univ. Amherst, MA, United States)
Lee, Jonghyun (Massachusetts Univ. Amherst, MA, United States)
Rogers, Jan R. (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Huntsville, AL, United States)
Liaw, Peter K. (Tennessee Univ. Knoxville, TN, United States)
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August 23, 2013
Publication Date
May 14, 2007
Subject Category
Chemistry and Materials (General)
Meeting Information
54th Joint JANNAF Meeting(Denver, CO)
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