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A Proposal for a Thesaurus for Web Services in Solar RadiationMetadata are necessary to discover, describe and exchange any type of information, resource and service at a large scale. A significant amount of effort has been made in the field of geography and environment to establish standards. Efforts still remain to address more specific domains such as renewable energies. This communication focuses on solar energy and more specifically on aspects in solar radiation that relate to geography and meteorology. A thesaurus in solar radiation is proposed for the keys elements in solar radiation namely time, space and radiation types. The importance of time-series in solar radiation is outlined and attributes of the key elements are discussed. An XML schema for encoding metadata is proposed. The exploitation of such a schema in web services is discussed. This proposal is a first attempt at establishing a thesaurus for describing data and applications in solar radiation.
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Conference Paper
Gschwind, Benoit (Ecole des Mines de Paris Sophia Antipolis, France)
Menard, Lionel (Ecole des Mines de Paris Sophia Antipolis, France)
Ranchin, Thierry (Ecole des Mines de Paris Sophia Antipolis, France)
Wald, Lucien (Ecole des Mines de Paris Sophia Antipolis, France)
Stackhouse, Paul W., Jr. (NASA Langley Research Center Hampton, VA, United States)
Date Acquired
August 24, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 2007
Subject Category
Documentation and Information Science
Meeting Information
ENVIRONINFO 2007: Environmental Informatics and Systems Research(Warsaw)
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WBS: WBS 389018.
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