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Eastern U.S. Continental Shelf Carbon Budget: Integrating Models,Data Assimilation, and AnalysisThe U.S. East Coast Continental Shelf (USECoS) project was initiated in 2004 with the overall goal of developing carbon budgets for Mid-Atlantic and South Atlantic regions of the eastern U.S. coast. We addressed this goal through a series of specific research questions that were designed to understand carbon inputs and fates in the two regions, dominant food web pathways for carbon cycling, and similarities/differences in carbon cycling in the two continental shelf systems. The USECoS project represents a major effort to simultaneously synthesize and integrate diverse data sets, field measurements, models, and modeling approaches. We expect that the type of approach taken here will result in more insight than would be possible if each component of the program moved forward independently. The primary significance of this project is in providing a strong quantitative basis for the development of future observational and modeling studies of carbon budgets of continental shelf systems. A strong aspect of the USECoS project is the integration of modeling and extensive physical, chemical, and biological data sets, which provides an opportunity for modeling and data analyses to inform one another from the outset. This research is particularly germane to NASA's carbon cycle research focus and coastal research initiative and the U.S. Climate Change Research Program, all of which support the goals of the North American Carbon Program. We highlight primary approaches that have been used, and some of the challenges and results that have come from interactions among our team of investigators. The global scale and interdisciplinary nature of the science questions that we now face in Earth Science are such that integrated teams of investigators are needed to address them.
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Hofmann, Eileen
(Old Dominion Univ. United States)
Mannino, Antonio
McClain, Charles R.
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August 24, 2013
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January 1, 2007
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Publication: To be submitted to Oceanography.
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Earth Resources And Remote Sensing
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