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Equivalent Longitudinal Area Distributions of the B-58 and XB-70-1 Airplanes for Use in Wave Drag and Sonic Boom CalculationsA detailed geometric description, in wave drag format, has been developed for the Convair B-58 and North American XB-70-1 delta wing airplanes. These descriptions have been placed on electronic files, the contents of which are described in this paper They are intended for use in wave drag and sonic boom calculations. Included in the electronic file and in the present paper are photographs and 3-view drawings of the two airplanes, tabulated geometric descriptions of each vehicle and its components, and comparisons of the electronic file outputs with existing data. The comparisons include a pictorial of the two airplanes based on the present geometric descriptions, and cross-sectional area distributions for both the normal Mach cuts and oblique Mach cuts above and below the vehicles. Good correlation exists between the area distributions generated in the late 1950s and 1960s and the present files. The availability of these electronic files facilitates further validation of sonic boom prediction codes through the use of two existing data bases on these airplanes, which were acquired in the 1960s and have not been fully exploited.
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Tinetti, Ana F.
(NCI Information Systems, Inc. Hampton, VA, United States)
Maglieri, Domenic J.
(Eagle Aeronautics, Inc. Hampton, VA, United States)
Driver, Cornelius
(Eagle Aeronautics, Inc. Hampton, VA, United States)
Bobbitt, Percy J.
(Eagle Aeronautics, Inc. Hampton, VA, United States)
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August 25, 2013
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March 1, 2011
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WBS: WBS 984754.
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