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Stability of a Crystal Oscillator, Type Si530, Inside and Beyond its Specified Operating Temperature RangeData acquisition and control systems depend on timing signals for proper operation and required accuracy. These clocked signals are typically provided by some form of an oscillator set to produce a repetitive, defined signal at a given frequency. Crystal oscillators are commonly used because they are less expensive, smaller, and more reliable than other types of oscillators. Because of the inherent characteristics of the crystal, the oscillators exhibit excellent frequency stability within the specified range of operational temperature. In some cases, however, some compensation techniques are adopted to further improve the thermal stability of a crystal oscillator. Very limited data exist on the performance and reliability of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) crystal oscillators at temperatures beyond the manufacturer's specified operating temperature range. This information is very crucial if any of these parts were to be used in circuits designed for use in space exploration missions where extreme temperature swings and thermal cycling are encountered. This report presents the results of the work obtained on the operation of Silicon Laboratories crystal oscillator, type Si530, under specified and extreme ambient temperatures.
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Patterson, Richard L.
(NASA Glenn Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
Hammoud, Ahmad
(ASRC Aerospace Corp. Cleveland, OH, United States)
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August 25, 2013
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March 20, 2011
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Electronics And Electrical Engineering
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WBS: WBS 724297.
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