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The Gale Crater Mound in a Regional Geologic Setting: Mapping and Probing Surrounding Outcrops for Areas Akin to the Central Mound at Gale
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Korn, Lisa(NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, United States);
Allen, Carlton(NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, United States)
Abstract: There are several hypotheses on the origin of Gale Crater s central mound. These include ground water upwelling [1], aeolian, ice, volcanic [1-3], lacustrine [1-3], hydrothermal [1-3], and polar deposits [2]. The Mars Science Laboratory rover, Curiosity, landed in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012. It is currently analyzing samples along its traverse towards a channel and layered deposits that will provide insight into the sedimentary history of the crater [4]. Located at 5S, 138E, Gale is a 155km diameter, Late Noachian/Early Hesperian crater. It is situated along the southern highlands/northern lowlands dichotomy boundary and contains a central mound that rises approximately 5km from the crater floor [1]. The highest parts of Mt. Sharp are higher than the northern rim, but are roughly the same height as the southern rim. Mt. Sharp is divided into an upper mound and a lower mound, which are separated by an erosional unconformity [2]. The lower mound s sequences span the Late Noachian/Early Hesperian Epoch [1], while the upper mound s age is poorly constrained. The lower mound s sequences feature parallel beds of varying thickness, albedo, texture, and dip angle that are eroded into channels and yardangs [2]. The upper mound has finer layers at higher angles [1] with yardangs, serrated erosional patterns, and lobate features [3]. The lower mound also exhibits an upward progression of phyllosilicate to sulfate rich sediments, contrasting the upper mound s lack of hydrated minerals [4].
Publication Date: Jan 01, 2013
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(Acquired Jan 22, 2013)
Subject Category: GEOPHYSICS
Report/Patent Number: JSC-CN-27806
Document Type: Technical Report
Meeting Information: Lunar and Planetary Sciences Intitute Conference; 18-22, Mar. 2013; The Woodlands, TX; United States
Financial Sponsor: NASA Johnson Space Center; Houston, TX, United States
Organization Source: NASA Johnson Space Center; Houston, TX, United States
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