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Three-Axis Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Measurement in 3D Woven Composite StructuresRecent advancements in composite materials technologies have broken further from traditional designs and require advanced instrumentation and analysis capabilities. Success or failure is highly dependent on design analysis and manufacturing processes. By monitoring smart structures throughout manufacturing and service life, residual and operational stresses can be assessed and structural integrity maintained. Composite smart structures can be manufactured by integrating fiber optic sensors into existing composite materials processes such as ply layup, filament winding and three-dimensional weaving. In this work optical fiber was integrated into 3D woven composite parts at a commercial woven products manufacturing facility. The fiber was then used to monitor the structures during a VARTM manufacturing process, and subsequent static and dynamic testing. Low cost telecommunications-grade optical fiber acts as the sensor using a high resolution commercial Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometer (OFDR) system providing distributed strain measurement at spatial resolutions as low as 2mm. Strain measurements using the optical fiber sensors are correlated to resistive strain gage measurements during static structural loading. Keywords: fiber optic, distributed strain sensing, Rayleigh scatter, optical frequency domain reflectometry
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Johnson Space Center
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Conference Paper
Castellucci, Matt
(Luna Innovations, Inc. Blacksburg, VA, United States)
Klute, Sandra
(Luna Innovations, Inc. Blacksburg, VA, United States)
Lally, Evan M.
(Luna Innovations, Inc. Blacksburg, VA, United States)
Froggatt, Mark E.
(Luna Innovations, Inc. Blacksburg, VA, United States)
Lowry, David
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
Date Acquired
August 27, 2013
Publication Date
March 10, 2013
Subject Category
Composite Materials
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Meeting: 2013 Smart Structures/NDE
Location: San Diego, CA
Country: United States
Start Date: March 10, 2013
End Date: March 14, 2013
Sponsors: International Society for Optical Engineering
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