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Data Mining and Complex Problems: Case Study in Composite MaterialsData mining is defined as the discovery of useful, possibly unexpected, patterns and relationships in data using statistical and non-statistical techniques in order to develop schemes for decision and policy making. Data mining can be used to discover the sources and causes of problems in complex systems. In addition, data mining can support simulation strategies by finding the different constants and parameters to be used in the development of simulation models. This paper introduces a framework for data mining and its application to complex problems. To further explain some of the concepts outlined in this paper, the potential application to the NASA Shuttle Reinforced Carbon-Carbon structures and genetic programming is used as an illustration.
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Conference Paper
Rabelo, Luis (University of Central Florida Orlando, FL, United States)
Marin, Mario (University of Central Florida Orlando, FL, United States)
Date Acquired
August 27, 2013
Publication Date
November 9, 2009
Subject Category
Composite Materials
Report/Patent Number
SAE 09ATC-01 94
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SAE AeroTech Congress and Exhibition(Seattle, WA)
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