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Catching a Rolling Stone: Dynamics and Control of a Spacecraft and an Asteroid
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Roithmayr, Carlos M.(NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA, United States);
Shen, Haijun(Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc., Hampton, VA, United States);
Jesick, Mark C(Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc., Hampton, VA, United States);
Cornelius, David M(Analytical Mechanics Associates, Inc., Hampton, VA, United States)
Abstract: In a recent report, a robotic spacecraft mission is proposed for the purpose of collecting a small asteroid, or a small part of a large one, and transporting it to an orbit in the Earth-Moon system. Such an undertaking will require solutions to many of the engineering problems associated with deflection of an asteroid that poses a danger to Earth. In both cases, it may be necessary for a spacecraft to approach an asteroid from a nearby position, hover for some amount of time, move with the same angular velocity as the asteroid, descend, perhaps ascend, and finally arrest the angular velocity of the asteroid. Dynamics and control in each of these activities is analyzed in order to determine the velocity increments and control torque that must be provided by a reaction control system, and the mass of the propellant that will be consumed. Two attitude control algorithms are developed, one to deal with synchronizing the spacecraft s angular velocity with that of the asteroid, and the other to arrest the asteroid s angular velocity. A novel approach is proposed for saving fuel in the latter case.
Publication Date: Apr 26, 2013
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(Acquired May 06, 2013)
Subject Category: ASTRODYNAMICS
Report/Patent Number: IAA-PDC13-04-27, NF1676L-15796
Document Type: Conference Paper
Meeting Information: 3rd IAA Planetary Defense Conference; 15-19 Apr. 2013; Flagstaff, AZ; United States
Meeting Sponsor: International Academy of Astronautics; Stockholm, Sweden
Contract/Grant/Task Num: WBS 22093.01.04
Financial Sponsor: NASA Langley Research Center; Hampton, VA, United States
Organization Source: NASA Langley Research Center; Hampton, VA, United States
Description: 15p; In English; Original contains black and white illustrations
Distribution Limits: Unclassified; Publicly available; Unlimited
Rights: Copyright; Distribution as joint owner in the copyright
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