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Proposed US Contributions to LOFT
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Wilson-Hodge, Colleen(NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville, AL, United States)
Abstract: Proposed US Enhancements include:Tantalum X -ray collimator, Additional ground station, Large Observatory for X-Ray Timing (LOFT) instrument team participation, US science support center & data archive, and Science enabled by US hardware. High-Z material with excellent stopping power. Fabricated using a combination of laser micromachining and chemical etching. Known technology capable of producing high-aspect ratio holes and large open fractions. Reduces LOFT LAD background by a factor of 3. Telemetry formats for LOFT based upon RXTE/EDS experience. Ground system software and strategies for WFM based upon RXTE/ASM automated pipeline software. MSFC engineering trade studies supporting the Ta collimator. Burst alert triggers based upon Fermi/GBM and HETE-2. Science Enhancements Enabled by US Hardware include: Tantalum collimator: Reduces background by factor of 3. Improves sensitivity to faint sources such as AGN. Eliminates contamination by bright/variable sources. outside the LAD field of view. US Ground Station: Enables continuous telemetry of all events from the WFM. Allows LAD to observe very bright >500 mCrab sources with full event resolution.
Publication Date: Apr 22, 2013
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(Acquired Aug 02, 2013)
Subject Category: ASTRONOMY
Report/Patent Number: M13-2610
Document Type: Oral/Visual Presentation
Meeting Information: Large Observatory for X-Ray Timing (LOFT) Science Meeting; 22 -24 Apr.; Rome; Italy
Meeting Sponsor: NASA; Washington, DC, United States
European Space Agency; Washington, DC, United States
Financial Sponsor: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Huntsville, AL, United States
Organization Source: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center; Huntsville, AL, United States
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