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Recent Improvements to the Acoustical Testing Laboratory at the NASA Glenn Research Center
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Podboy, Devin M.(Gilcrest Corp., Test Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering, Cleveland, OH, United States);
Mirecki, Julius H.(Gilcrest Corp., Test Facilities Operations, Maintenance, and Engineering, Cleveland, OH, United States);
Walker, Bruce E.(Channel Islands Acoustics, Camarillo, CA, United States);
Sutliff, Daniel L.(NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, OH, United States)
Abstract: The Acoustical Testing Laboratory (ATL) consists of a 27- by 23- by 20-ft (height) convertible hemi/anechoic chamber and separate sound-attenuating test support enclosure. Absorptive fiberglass wedges in the test chamber provide an anechoic environment down to 100 Hz. A spring-isolated floor system affords vibration isolation above 3 Hz. These specifications, along with very low design background levels, enable the acquisition of accurate and repeatable acoustical measurements on test articles that produce very low sound pressures. Removable floor wedges allow the test chamber to operate in either a hemi-anechoic or anechoic configuration, depending on the size of the test article and the specific test being conducted. The test support enclosure functions as a control room during normal operations. Recently improvements were accomplished in support of continued usage of the ATL by NASA programs including an analysis of the ultra-sonic characteristics. A 3-D traverse system inside the chamber was utilized for acquiring acoustic data for these tests. The traverse system drives a linear array of 13, 1/4 in.-microphones spaced 3 in. apart (36 in. span). An updated data acquisition system was also incorporated into the facility.
Publication Date: Mar 01, 2014
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(Acquired May 02, 2014)
Subject Category: ACOUSTICS
Report/Patent Number: NASA/TM-2014-218110, E-18850
Document Type: Technical Report
Meeting Information: SciTech 2014; 13-17 Jan. 2014; National Harbor, MD; United States
Meeting Sponsor: American Inst. of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Reston, VA, United States
Contract/Grant/Task Num: WBS 473452.
Financial Sponsor: NASA Glenn Research Center; Cleveland, OH, United States
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