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Kinetics of Hydrogen Oxidation Downstream of Lean Propane and Hydrogen FlamesThe decay of hydrogen was measured downstream of lean, flat, premixed hydrogen and propane-air flames seated on cooled porous burners. Experimental variables included temperature, pressure, initial equivalence ratio and diluent. Sampling of burned gas was done through uncooled quartz orifice probes, and the analysis was based on gas chromatography. An approximate treatment of the data in which diffusion was neglected led to the following rate expression for the zone downstream of hydrogen flames d[H (sub 2)] divided by (d times t) equals 1.7 times 10 (sup 10) [H (sub 2)] (sup 3) divided by (sub 2) [O (sub 2)]e (sup (-8100 divided by RT)) moles per liters per second. On the basis of a rate expression of this form, the specific rate constant for the reaction downstream of hydrogen flames was about three times as great as that determined downstream of propane flames. This result was explained on the basis of the existence of a steady state between hydrogen and carbon monoxide in the burned gas downstream of propane flames.
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Fine, Burton
(NASA Lewis Research Center Cleveland, OH, United States)
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October 6, 2015
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March 1, 1961
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Publication: Journal of Physical Chemistry
Volume: 65
Issue: 3
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Propellants And Fuels
Inorganic, Organic And Physical Chemistry
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