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Novel Musculoskeletal Loading System for Small Exercise DevicesLong duration spaceflight places astronauts at increased risk for muscle strain and bone fracture upon return to a 1-g or partial gravity environment. Functionally limiting decrements in musculoskeletal health are likely during Mars proving-ground and Earth-independent missions given extended transit times and the vehicle limitations for exercise devices (low-mass, small volume, little to no power). This is particularly alarming for exploration missions because astronauts will be required to perform novel and physically demanding tasks (i.e. vehicle egress, exploration, and habitat building activities) on unfamiliar terrain. Accordingly, NASA's exploration roadmap identifies the need for development of small exercise equipment that can prevent musculoskeletal atrophy and has the ability to assess musculoskeletal health at multiple time points during long-duration missions.
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Conference Paper
Downs, Meghan
(Wyle Labs., Inc. Houston, TX, United States)
Newby, Nate
(Wyle Labs., Inc. Houston, TX, United States)
Trinh, Tinh
(Wyle Labs., Inc. Houston, TX, United States)
Hanson, Andrea
(NASA Johnson Space Center Houston, TX, United States)
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November 20, 2015
Publication Date
February 8, 2016
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Man/System Technology And Life Support
Aerospace Medicine
Mechanical Engineering
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2016 Human Research Investigators'' Workshop (HRP IWS 2016)(Galveston, TX)
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