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Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut Challenge
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Lloyd, Charles W.(NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX, United States)
Abstract: The Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut Challenge was developed in 2011 to encourage proper exercise and nutrition at an early age by teaching young people to live and eat like space explorers. The strong correlation between an unhealthy childhood diet and adolescent fitness, and the onset of chronic diseases as an adult is the catalyst for Mission X. Mission X is dedicated to assisting people on a global scale to live healthier lifestyles and learn about human space exploration. The Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut 2015 (MX15) International Challenge hosted almost 40,000 children on 800 teams, 28 countries affiliated with 12 space agencies. The MX15 website included 17 languages. MX15, the fifth annual international fitness challenges sponsored by the NASA Human Research Program worked with the European Space Agency and other space agencies from around the world. In comparison to MX14, MX15 expanded to include four additional new countries, increased the number of students by approximately 68% and the number of teams by 29%. Chile' and South Korea participated in the new fall Astro Charlie Walk Around the Earth Challenge. Pre-challenge training materials were made more readily available from the website. South Korea completed a prospective assessment of the usability of the MX content for improving health and fitness in 212 preschool children and their families. Mission X is fortunate to have the support of the NASA, ESA and JAXA astronaut corps. In MX15, they participated in the opening and closing events as well as while on-board the International Space Station. Italian Astronaut Samantha Cristoretti participated as the MX15 Astronaut Ambassador for health and fitness providing the opening video and other videos from ISS. United Kingdom Astronaut Tim Peake and US Astronaut Kate Rubins have agreed to be the MX Ambassadors for 2016 and 2017 respectively. The MX15 International Working Group Face-to-Face meeting and Closing Event were held at the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (ASI) in Rome, Italy. A record number of twenty-eight countries participated. Austria and Norway have offered to host the 2016 and 2017 working group meetings. MX16 planning began with the working group meetings and areas of improvement will include another second early challenge to accommodate countries in the Southern Hemisphere, recommended changes to the MX website, development of a more defined approach to metrics, a change to the format of future MX International Working Group meetings, and proposed new activities to be developed by the MX International Educator Working Group. We look forward to welcoming many new participants in 2016!
Publication Date: Jan 01, 2016
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(Acquired Jan 25, 2016)
Report/Patent Number: JSC-CN-35036
Document Type: Technical Report
Financial Sponsor: NASA Johnson Space Center; Houston, TX, United States
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