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Spatial and Temporal Variability of Ground and Satellite Column Measurements of NO2 and O3 over the Atlantic Ocean During the Deposition of Atmospheric Nitrogen to Coastal Ecosystems ExperimentIn situ measurements of O3 and nitrogen oxides (NO + NO2=NOx) and remote sensing measurements of total column NO2 and O3 were collected on a ship in the North Atlantic Ocean as part of the Deposition of Atmospheric Nitrogen to Coastal Ecosystems (DANCE) campaign in July August 2014,100 km east of the mid-Atlantic United States. Relatively clean conditions for both surface in situ mixing ratio and total column O3 and NO2 measurements were observed throughout the campaign. Increased surface and column NO2 and O3 amounts were observed when a terrestrial air mass was advected over the study region. Relative to ship-based total column measurements using a Pandora over the entire study, satellite measurements overestimated total column NO2 under these relatively clean atmospheric conditions over offshore waters by an average of 16. Differences are most likely due to proximity, or lack thereof, to surface emissions; spatial averaging due to the field of view of the satellite instrument; and the lack of sensitivity of satellite measurements to the surface concentrations of pollutants. Total column O3 measurements from the shipboard Pandora showed good correlation with the satellite measurements(r 0.96), but satellite measurements were 3 systematically higher than the ship measurements, in agreement with previous studies. Derived values of boundary layer height using the surface in situ and total column measurements of NO2 are much lower than modeled and satellite-retrieved boundary layer heights, which highlight the differences in the vertical distribution between terrestrial and marine environments.
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Martins, Douglas K. (Pennsylvania State Univ. University Park, PA, United States)
Najjar, Raymond G. (Pennsylvania State Univ. University Park, PA, United States)
Tzortziou, Maria (Maryland Univ. Baltimore County Baltimore, MD, United States)
Abuhassan, Nader (Maryland Univ. Baltimore County Baltimore, MD, United States)
Thompson, Anne M. (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Greenbelt, MD United States)
Kollonige, Debra E. (Maryland Univ. College Park, MD, United States)
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March 7, 2017
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December 5, 2016
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Publication: Journal of Geophysical Research:Atmospheres
Volume: 121
Issue: 23
ISSN: 2169-897X
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Meteorology and Climatology
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