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High-Accuracy Tidal Flat Digital Elevation Model Construction Using TanDEM-X Science Phase DataThis study explored the feasibility of using TanDEM-X (TDX) interferometric observations of tidal flats for digital elevation model (DEM) construction. Our goal was to generate high-precision DEMs in tidal flat areas, because accurate intertidal zone data are essential for monitoring coastal environment sand erosion processes. To monitor dynamic coastal changes caused by waves, currents, and tides, very accurate DEMs with high spatial resolution are required. The bi- and monostatic modes of the TDX interferometer employed during the TDX science phase provided a great opportunity for highly accurate intertidal DEM construction using radar interferometry with no time lag (bistatic mode) or an approximately 10-s temporal baseline (monostatic mode) between the master and slave synthetic aperture radar image acquisitions. In this study, DEM construction in tidal flat areas was first optimized based on the TDX system parameters used in various TDX modes. We successfully generated intertidal zone DEMs with 57-m spatial resolutions and interferometric height accuracies better than 0.15 m for three representative tidal flats on the west coast of the Korean Peninsula. Finally, we validated these TDX DEMs against real-time kinematic-GPS measurements acquired in two tidal flat areas; the correlation coefficient was 0.97 with a root mean square error of 0.20 m.
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Reprint (Version printed in journal)
Lee, Seung-Kuk
(Maryland Univ. College Park, MD, United States)
Ryu, Joo-Hyung
(Korean Inst. of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST) Ansan, South Korea, Republic of)
Date Acquired
July 17, 2017
Publication Date
May 31, 2017
Publication Information
Publication: IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing
Publisher: IEEE
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
ISSN: 1939-1404
e-ISSN: 2151-1535
Subject Category
Earth Resources And Remote Sensing
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