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Record 34 of 2778
F-107A artist concept painting
NIX Online Source: Click to View Photo/Image
Abstract: Artist, Mike Machat has portrayed the NACA F-107A (Serial number 55-5120)as it lifts off in an afterburner takeoff in 1958. Two North American YF-107 airplanes were flown at NACA/NASA High-Speed Flight Station starting November 1957 and continuing until September 1959. The YF-107A was an aircraft possessing some interesting features that NACA wished to examine in detail. NACA acquired the first and third YF-107As built.
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1958
NIX (Document) ID:
(Acquired Aug 02, 2006)
Document Type: Photograph
Publication Information: The Armstrong Photo Gallery includes the latest images from the NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center as well as the legacy photos from the Dryden Flight Research Center.
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