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Record 74 of 48035
F-15A Remotely Piloted Research Vehicle (RPRV)/Spin Research Vehicle(SRV) launch and flight
NIX Online Source: Click to View Movie/video
Abstract: This 33-second film clip begins with the release of the F-15 RPRV from the wing pylon of the NASA Dryden NB-52B carrier aircraft. Then a downward camera view just after release from the pylon, a forward camera view from the F-15 RPRV nose, and followed by air-to-air footage of an actual F-15 vehicle executing spin maneuvers.
Publication Date: Jan 01, 1981
NIX (Document) ID:
(Acquired Aug 02, 2006)
Document Type: Motion Picture
Publication Information: The Armstrong/DFRC Movie Collection includes short digitized video clips of research aircraft flown at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center from the 1940s to present.
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