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Telemetry experiments with a hibernating black bearThe objectives of this research were to develop and test telemetry equipment suitable for monitoring physiological parameters and activity of a hibernating bear in its den, to monitor this data and other environmental information with the Nimbus 3 IRLS data collection system, and to refine immobilizing, handling, and other techniques required in future work with wild bears under natural conditions. A temperature-telemetering transmitter was implanted in the abdominal cavity of a captive black bear and body temperature data was recorded continuously during a 3 month hibernation period. Body temperatures ranging between 37.5 and 31.8 C were observed. Body temperature and overall activity were influenced by disturbances and ambient den temperature. Nychthemeral temperature changes were not noticable. A load cell weight recording device was tested for determining weight loss during hibernation. Monitoring of data by satellite was not attempted. The implanted transmitter was removed and the bear was released with a radiolocation collar at the conclusion of the experiment.
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Contractor Report (CR)
Craighead, J. J.
(Montana Univ. Missoula, MT, United States)
Varney, J. R.
(Montana Univ. Missoula, MT, United States)
Sumner, J. S.
(Montana Univ. Missoula, MT, United States)
Craighead, F. C., Jr.
(Montana Univ. Missoula, MT, United States)
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September 2, 2013
Publication Date
June 30, 1972
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