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Centaur Standard Shroud (CSS) cryogenic unlatch testsCryogenic tanking and partial jettison (unlatch) tests were performed on a full scale Centaur vehicle and Centaur Standard Shroud (CSS) to develop and qualify the CSS insulation system, the CSS and Centaur ground-hold purge systems, and the Centaur hydrogen tank flight vent system. Operation of the shroud/Centaur pyrotechnic systems, seals, and the shroud jettison springs, hinges, and other separation systems was demonstrated by a partial jettison of the shroud into catch nets. The Centaur tanks were filled with liquid hydrogen and liquid nitrogen. Prelaunch operations were performed, and data taken to establish system performances. Results from the initial tests showed a higher than expected heat transfer rate to the Centaur hydrogen tank. In addition, the release mechanism for the forward seal between the Centaur and the CSS did not function properly, and the seal was torn during jettison of the shroud.
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September 2, 2013
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October 1, 1973
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Space Vehicles
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