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Microelectromechanical Systems for Aerodynamics ApplicationsMicroelectromechanical systems (MEMS) embody the integration of sensors, actuators, and electronics on a single substrate using integrated circuit fabrication techniques and compatible micromachining processes. Silicon and its derivatives form the material base for the MEMS technology. MEMS devices, including micro-sensors and micro-actuators, are attractive because they can be made small (characteristic dimension about microns), be produced in large numbers with uniform performance, include electronics for high performance and sophisticated functionality, and be inexpensive. MEMS pressure sensors, wall-shear-stress sensors, and micromachined hot-wires are nearing application in aeronautics. MEMS actuators face a tougher challenge since they have to be scaled (up) to the physical phenomena that are being controlled. MEMS actuators are proposed, for example, for controlling the small structures in a turbulent boundary layer, for aircraft control, for cooling, and for mixing enhancement. Data acquisition or control logistics require integration of electronics along with the transducer elements with appropriate consideration of analog-to-digital conversion, multiplexing, and telemetry. Altogether, MEMS technology offers exciting opportunities for aerodynamics applications both in wind tunnels and in flight
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Conference Paper
Mehregany, Mehran (Case Western Reserve Univ. Cleveland, OH United States)
DeAnna, Russell G. (Army Research Lab. Cleveland, OH United States)
Reshotko, Eli (Case Western Reserve Univ. Cleveland, OH United States)
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August 17, 2013
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January 15, 1996
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Aircraft Instrumentation
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NAS 1.15:107320
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Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit(Reno, NV)
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PROJECT: DA Proj. 1L1-61102-AH-45
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