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A New Continent of IdeasWhile a new technology called 'virtual reality' is still at the 'ground floor' level, one of its basic components, 3D computer graphics is already in wide commercial use and expanding. Other components that permit a human operator to 'virtually' explore an artificial environment and to interact with it are being demonstrated routinely at Ames and elsewhere. Virtual reality might be defined as an environment capable of being virtually entered - telepresence, it is called - or interacted with by a human. The Virtual Interface Environment Workstation (VIEW) is a head-mounted stereoscopic display system in which the display may be an artificial computer-generated environment or a real environment relayed from remote video cameras. Operator can 'step into' this environment and interact with it. The DataGlove has a series of fiber optic cables and sensors that detect any movement of the wearer's fingers and transmit the information to a host computer; a computer generated image of the hand will move exactly as the operator is moving his gloved hand. With appropriate software, the operator can use the glove to interact with the computer scene by grasping an object. The DataSuit is a sensor equipped full body garment that greatly increases the sphere of performance for virtual reality simulations.
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Ames Research Center
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August 20, 2013
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January 1, 1990
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Publication: Spinoff 1990
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Computer Programming And Software
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