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Galactic cosmic ray heavy primary secondary dosesResults of a calculation which estimates the heavy primary secondary doses from cosmic ray interaction data are reported. The incident galactic cosmic ray heavy primary spectrum is represented as the sum of helium, nitrogen, magnesium, and iron components. The incident iron nuclei are allowed to fragment into lesser Z secondaries, which are assumed to travel in the same direction and start with the same energy per nucleon as the interacting primary. The total emergent particle energy spectra and dose are then presented for the galactic heavy primary spectrum incident on aluminum and tissue slabs. The importance of the fragmentation parameters assumed is also evaluated. The total dose from the heavy primaries and their secondaries is found to be reduced by only a factor of two in 20 g/sq cm of shielding.
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Conference Paper
Wilkinson, M. C. (Boeing Co. Seattle, WA, United States)
Curtis, S. B. (Calif. Univ. Berkeley. Lawrence Radiation Lab., United States)
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August 6, 2013
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January 1, 1972
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Publication: NASA, Washington Proc. of the Natl. Symp. on Nat. and Manmade Radiation in Space
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