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Proceedings of the National Symposium on Natural and Manmade Radiation in SpaceConference on radiation effects in manned space flight considering extraterrestrial radiation, nuclear rocket engines, radiation shielding, dosimeters, and radiobiology
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Conference Proceedings
Warman, E. A.
(Aerojet Nucl. Systems Co.)
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September 2, 2013
Publication Date
January 1, 1972
Subject Category
Nuclear Engineering
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of the radiation belts19720010066Analytic SubsidiaryRadiation from plutonium 238 used in space applications19720010046Analytic SubsidiaryThe response of a 300 micron silicon detector to monoenergetic neutrons determined by the use of the Monte Carlo technique19720010065Analytic SubsidiarySome neutron and gamma radiation characteristics of plutonium cermet fuel for isotopic power sources19720009983Analytic SubsidiaryThe influence of radiation shielding on reusable nuclear shuttle design19720010081Analytic SubsidiaryObservations of cosmic ray induced phosphenes19720010036Analytic SubsidiaryProton irradiation of stem cells: Radiation damage and chemical radioprotection19720010080Analytic SubsidiaryHair radioactivity as a measure of exposure to radioisotopes19720010069Analytic SubsidiaryEvaluation of 2 possible further developments of the UK in-flight radiation warning meter for SSTS19720009980Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of X-ray irradiation on human spermatogenesis19720010031Analytic 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