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Trapping of transuranium elements by the earth's magnetic fieldThe search for a transuranium element component of cosmic radiation has been carried out in high altitude balloon experiments. The trapping of high Z elements on orbits in the Earth's magnetic field may lead to a sufficient enhancement of the intensity of particle flux to make it possible to detect these elements by satellite experiments. Calculations are presented that predict the behavior of trapped particles as a function of the predicted flux and energy distribution of high Z elements incident on the Earth's magnetic field. Techniques are suggested for the detection of such particles. In addition, the possibility of production of transuranium elements in the recently discovered pulsars are discussed.
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Conference Paper
Bloom, J. L. (Atomic Energy Commission Washington, DC, United States)
Eastlund, B. J. (Atomic Energy Commission Washington, DC, United States)
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August 6, 2013
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January 1, 1972
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Publication: NASA, Washington Proc. of the Natl. Symp. on Nat. and Manmade Radiation in Space
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