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Effects of automobile steering characteristics on driver/vehicle system performance in discrete maneuversA series of discrete maneuver tasks were used to evaluate the effects of steering gain and directional mode dynamic parameters on driver/vehicle responses. The importance and ranking of these parameters were evaluated through changes in subjective driver ratings and performance measures obtained from transient maneuvers such as a double lane change, an emergency lane change, and an unexpected obstacle. The unexpected obstacle maneuver proved more sensitive to individual driver differences than to vehicle differences. Results were based on full scale tests with an experienced test driver evaluating many different dynamic configurations plus seventeen ordinary drivers evaluating six key configurations.
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Conference Paper
Klein, R. H.
(Systems Technology, Inc. Hawthorne, CA, United States)
Mcruer, D. T.
(Systems Technology, Inc. Hawthorne, CA, United States)
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August 8, 2013
Publication Date
May 1, 1975
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Publication: NASA. Ames Res. Center 11th Ann. Conf. on Manual Control
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Man/System Technology And Life Support
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