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spacecraft charging technology, 1980The third Spacecraft Charging Technology Conference proceedings contain 66 papers on the geosynchronous plasma environment, spacecraft modeling, charged particle environment interactions with spacecraft, spacecraft materials characterization, and satellite design and testing. The proceedings is a compilation of the state of the art of spacecraft charging and environmental interaction phenomena.
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Conference Proceedings
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September 4, 2013
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October 1, 1981
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IDRelationTitle19820006399Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical simulation of plasma insulator interactions in space. Part 1: The self consistent calculation19820006387Analytic SubsidiaryModel of coupling discharges into spacecraft structures19820006389Analytic SubsidiaryMilitary standards and SCATHA program update of MIL-STD-154119820006364Analytic SubsidiaryAccelerated Alpha-s deterioration in a geostationary orbit19820006380Analytic SubsidiaryComputer simulation of spacecraft charging on SCATHA19820006382Analytic SubsidiaryComparison of NASCAP modelling results with lumped circuit analysis19820006355Analytic SubsidiaryTank testing of a 2500-cm2 solar panel19820006397Analytic SubsidiaryElectromagnetic fields produced by simulated spacecraft discharges19820006358Analytic SubsidiaryDesign of an arc-free thermal blanket19820006349Analytic SubsidiaryDielectric surface discharges: Effects of combined low-energy and high-energy incident electrons19820006346Analytic SubsidiaryRole of energetic particles in charging/discharging of spacecraft dielectrics19820006388Analytic SubsidiaryDisappearance and reappearance of particles of energies 50 keV as seen by P78-2 (SCATHA) near geosynchronous orbit19820006385Analytic SubsidiaryAnalytical modeling of satellites in geosynchronous environment19820006373Analytic SubsidiaryAspect dependence and frequency spectrum of electrical discharges on the P78-2 (SCATHA) satellite19820006360Analytic SubsidiaryCharging characteristics of silica fabrics19820006383Analytic SubsidiaryNASCAP charging calculations for a synchronous orbit satellite19820006353Analytic SubsidiarySecondary Electron Emission Yields19820006386Analytic SubsidiaryCalculation of surface current response to surface flashover of a large sample under grounded and floating conditions19820006356Analytic SubsidiaryCharging and discharging characteristics of a rigid solar array19820006348Analytic SubsidiaryElectrostatic discharging behaviour of Kapton irradiated with electrons19820006359Analytic SubsidiaryCharging control techniques19820006377Analytic SubsidiarySimulation of charging response of SCATHA (P78-2) satellite19820006368Analytic SubsidiaryReview of hot plasma composition near geosynchronous altitude19820006376Analytic SubsidiaryRepresentation and material charging response of geoplasma environments19820006363Analytic SubsidiaryConduction through punctures in metal-backed dielectrics19820006343Analytic SubsidiaryBulk charging and breakdown in electron-irradiated polymers19820006392Analytic SubsidiaryMeteosat spacecraft charging investigation19820006394Analytic SubsidiarySpacecraft charging technology in the satellite X-ray test facility19820006342Analytic SubsidiaryElectron-beam-charged dielectrics: Internal charge distribution19820006369Analytic SubsidiarySCATHA observations of space plasma composition during a spacecraft charging event19820006341Analytic SubsidiaryDielectric discharge characteristics in a two-electron simulation environment19820006371Analytic Subsidiarysatellite surface potential survey19820006357Analytic SubsidiaryMaterials characterization study of conductive flexible second surface mirrors19820006402Analytic SubsidiaryCharging of a large object in low polar Earth orbit19820006350Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary comparison of material charging properties using single-energy and multienergy electron beams19820006365Analytic SubsidiaryOperational status of the space test program P78-2 spacecraft and payloads19820006375Analytic SubsidiaryP78-2 satellite and payload responses to electron beam operations on March 30, 197919820006374Analytic SubsidiaryFlight evidence of spacecraft surface contamination rate enhancement by spacecraft charging obtained with a quartz crystal microbalance19820006401Analytic SubsidiaryThree dimensional space charge model for large high voltage satellites19820006344Analytic SubsidiaryCharging and discharging Teflon19820006351Analytic SubsidiaryBrushfire arc discharge model19820006354Analytic SubsidiaryOblique-incidence secondary emission from charged dielectronics19820006345Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental validation of a numerical model predicting the charging characteristics of Teflon and Kapton under electron beam irradiation19820006362Analytic SubsidiaryEvaluation of charge control techniques on spacecraft thermal surfaces (electrostatic discharge study)19820006379Analytic SubsidiaryThree-dimensional analysis of charging events on days 87 and 114, 1979, from SCATHA19820006396Analytic SubsidiaryImportance of differential charging for controlling both natural and induced vehicle potentials on ATS-5 and ATS-619820006367Analytic SubsidiaryOperation of SC5 rapid scan particle spectrometer on SCATHA satellite19820006347Analytic SubsidiaryElectron penetration of spacecraft thermal insulation19820006378Analytic SubsidiarySCATHA SSPM charging response: NASCAP predictions compared with data19820006391Analytic SubsidiaryP78-2 SCATHA environmental data atlas19820006366Analytic SubsidiaryElectron angular distributions during charging events19820006381Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of ambient and beam particle characteristics during the ejection of an electron beam from a satellite in near-geosynchronous orbit on March 30, 197919820006352Analytic SubsidiaryEffects of secondary electron emission on charging19820006398Analytic SubsidiaryAgreement for NASA/OAST - USAF/AFSC space interdependency on spacecraft environment interaction19820006361Analytic SubsidiaryElectrostatic charging characteristics of thermal control paints as function of temperature19820006393Analytic SubsidiaryElectron irradiation tests on European meteorological satellite19820006370Analytic SubsidiaryP78-2 engineering overview19820006400Analytic SubsidiaryNumerical simulation of plasma insulator interactions in space. Part 2: Dielectric effects19820006372Analytic SubsidiaryPreliminary analysis of data from SRI international transient pulse monitor on board P78-2 SCATHA satellite19820006395Analytic SubsidiarySimulation of spacecraft charging environments by monoenergetic beams19820006390Analytic SubsidiaryUse of charging control guidelines for geosynchronous satellite design studies