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Formation of Bright Terrain Bands on Ganymede by Unstable Lithosphere ExtensionThe surface of Ganymede, as seen in Voyager images, was greatly modified by tectonic activity. Geologic evidence is consistent with the formation of younger bright terrain by the emplacement of icy material into rift zones formed in the older dark terrain. To better understand the formation of both terrestrial rift zones and bright terrain bands on Ganymede, the mechanics of rift initiation by the growth of necking instabilities in an extending lithosphere are studied. In particular, how an initial, small perturbation in lithosphere thickness at the lithosphere/asthenosphere boundary is amplified by uniform horizontal extension is studied. The lithosphere is treated as a layer of power-law viscous fluid of thickness H overlying a weaker, viscous mantle substrate. In order to assess the relative importance of buoyant upwelling and mechanical instability in rift formation, both density and strength stratification were incorporated into the model.
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Zuber, M. T.
(Brown Univ. Providence, RI, United States)
Parmentier, E. M.
(Brown Univ. Providence, RI, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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April 1, 1985
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Publication: NASA, Washington Repts. of Planetary Geol. and Geophys. Program, 1984
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Lunar And Planetary Exploration
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