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Reports of Planetary Geology and Geophysics Program, 1984Topics include outer planets and satellites; asteroids and comets; Venus; lunar origin and solar dynamics; cratering process; planetary interiors, petrology, and geochemistry; volcanic processes; aeolian processes and landforms; fluvial processes; geomorphology; periglacial and permafrost processes; remote sensing and regolith studies; structure, tectonics, and stratigraphy; geological mapping, cartography, and geodesy; and radar applications.
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Other - Collected Works
Holt, H. E. (NASA Headquarters Washington, DC United States)
Watters, T. R. (NASA Headquarters Washington, DC United States)
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September 5, 2013
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April 1, 1985
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NAS 1.15:87563
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Heliocentric Planetesimals19850015211Analytic SubsidiaryCapture of Planetesimals into a Circumterrestrial Swarm19850015212Analytic SubsidiaryOrbital Resonances and Planetary Accretion in the Solar Nebula19850015213Analytic SubsidiaryAccumulation of the Terrestrial Planets19850015214Analytic SubsidiaryEvolution of Grains in a Turbulent Solar Nebula19850015215Analytic SubsidiaryThe Formation of Preplanetary Disks from the Collapse of Rotating Molecular Cloud Cores19850015216Analytic SubsidiaryResearch on the Early History of the Solar System19850015217Analytic SubsidiaryViking Radio Science Data Analysis and Synthesis19850015218Analytic SubsidiaryGravity Field of the Jovian System from Pioneer and Voyager Tracking Data19850015219Analytic SubsidiaryImpact and Collisional Processes in the Solar System19850015220Analytic SubsidiaryImpact Cratering Calculations19850015221Analytic SubsidiaryImpact Crater Scaling Laws19850015222Analytic SubsidiaryCentrifuge Impact Cratering 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Ejecta Blankets with Pre-existing Impact Craters: Morphological Observations19850015236Analytic SubsidiaryRipple Ring Basins on Ganymede and Callisto19850015237Analytic SubsidiaryImplications of Convection in the Moon and the Terrestrial Planets19850015238Analytic SubsidiaryHigh Pressure Cosmochemistry of Major Planetary Interiors: Laboratory Studies of the Water-rich Region of the System Ammonia-water19850015239Analytic SubsidiaryTheoretical Thermodynamics of Mixtures at High Pressures19850015240Analytic SubsidiaryShock Compression of Liquid Helium to 56 GPa (560) Kbar19850015241Analytic SubsidiaryModelling Equilibrium and Fractional Crystallization in the System MgO-FeO-CaO-Al2O3-SiO219850015242Analytic SubsidiaryQuenching Effects on Iron Site Partitioning in the Apollo 17 Orange Glass Composition19850015244Analytic SubsidiaryHibonite: Crystal Chemistry and Origin of Blue Coloration in Meteoritic Assemblages19850015245Analytic SubsidiaryCrystal Chemistry of Meteoritic 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and Relationship to Flow Emplacement19850015257Analytic SubsidiaryMorphologic Evolution of the Mount St. Helens Crater Area, Washington19850015258Analytic SubsidiaryVolcanism of the Colorado Plateau - Basin and Range Transition: Implications for Crustal Processes19850015259Analytic SubsidiaryThe Geology of East Butte, a Rhyolitic Volcanic Dome on the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho19850015260Analytic SubsidiaryThe Geology of Mt. Hope, a Silicic Volcanic Center in West Central Arizona19850015261Analytic SubsidiaryA Silicic Shield Volcano in Bolivia19850015262Analytic SubsidiarySubmarine Volcanic Eruptions and Potential Analogs for Venus19850015263Analytic SubsidiaryHydrovolcanism19850015264Analytic SubsidiaryObserved Changes at Viking Lander 119850015265Analytic SubsidiarySeasonal and Secular Variation of the Solis Lacus Albedo Feature: Relation to the Martian Dust-transport Cycle19850015266Analytic SubsidiaryEolian Erosion on Mars: Three Scales19850015267Analytic SubsidiaryThe Origin of Regional Dust Deposits on Mars19850015268Analytic SubsidiaryOn the Latitudinal Distribution of Debris in the Northern Hemisphere of Mars19850015269Analytic SubsidiaryTransformation of Polar Ice Sublimate Residue into Martian Circumpolar Sand19850015270Analytic SubsidiaryThe Effect of Particle Density on Aeolian Transport19850015271Analytic SubsidiaryA Comparison of Terrestrial Saltation Flux in the Laboratory and the Field19850015272Analytic SubsidiaryPotential Bedforms on Venus: Wind Tunnel Simulations19850015273Analytic SubsidiaryMicrodunes and Other Aeolian Bedforms on Venus: Wind Tunnel Simulations19850015274Analytic SubsidiaryPaleohydrologic Implications of Valley Networks of Mars19850015275Analytic SubsidiaryFluvial Drainage Basins and Valley Networks: Eastern Margaritifer Sinus, Mars19850015276Analytic SubsidiaryCatastrophic-flood Features in Swedish Lapland as a Terrestrial Analog for Martian Channel Flows19850015277Analytic SubsidiaryExperiments and Analyses of the Formation of Erosional Scour Marks with Implications to the Origin of the Martian Outflow Channels19850015278Analytic SubsidiaryRelative Time-scale for Channeling Events Within Chaotic Terrains, Margaritifer Sinus, Mars19850015279Analytic SubsidiaryTerrestrial Analog Studies for Martian Patterned Ground19850015280Analytic SubsidiaryOrigin of Martian Polygonal Terrain: Preliminary Results19850015281Analytic SubsidiaryRadiation-dominated Snowmelt on Mars19850015283Analytic SubsidiaryPermafrost and Subsurface Ice in the Solar System19850015284Analytic SubsidiaryMapping Structures Characteristic of the Highland Boundary Scarp on Mars19850015285Analytic SubsidiaryInvestigations of the Mars Cratered Terrain: Smooth Plains Boundary in the Eastern Equatorial Region19850015286Analytic SubsidiaryMartian Fretted Terrain Morphometry Interpreted Using Principal Components Analysis19850015287Analytic SubsidiaryDistribution and Properties of Large Symmetric Knobs on Mars19850015288Analytic SubsidiaryEnigmatic Hills of the Mottled Plains, Mare Acidalium Quadrangle (MC-4), Mars19850015289Analytic SubsidiaryGeomorphology and Geology of the Southwestern Margaritifer Sinus and Argyre Regions of Mars. Part 1: Geological and Geomorphological Overview19850015290Analytic SubsidiaryGeomorphology and Geology of the Southwestern Margaritifer Sinus and Argyre Regions of Mars. Part 2: Crater Size-frequency Distribution Curves and Geomorphic Unit Ages19850015291Analytic SubsidiaryGeomorphology and Geology of the Southwestern Margaritifer Sinus and Argyre Regions of Mars. Part 3: Valley Types and Distribution19850015292Analytic SubsidiaryGeomorphology and Geology of the Southwestern Margaritifer Sinus and Argyre Regions of Mars. Part 4: Flow Ejecta Crater Distribution19850015293Analytic SubsidiaryPlanetary Analogs in Antarctica: Mars19850015294Analytic SubsidiaryPlanetary Analogs in Antarctica: Icy Satellites19850015295Analytic SubsidiaryThe Geomorphology of Rhea19850015296Analytic SubsidiaryMultispectral Analysis of the Kasei Vallis-lanae Planum Region of Mars19850015297Analytic SubsidiaryGeologic Interpretation of Remote Sensing Data for the Martian Volcano, Ascraeus Mons19850015298Analytic SubsidiaryThe Search for Igneous Materials at the Viking Landing Sites19850015299Analytic SubsidiaryBasalts of Mars: Constraints on Volatile Evolution19850015300Analytic SubsidiaryWater-ice Clouds on Mars: Location and Seasonal Variation19850015301Analytic SubsidiaryFirst Direct Detection of Clay Minerals on Mars19850015302Analytic SubsidiaryIron Oxides of Mars: Evidence for Contemporary Weathering19850015303Analytic SubsidiaryReassignment of the Iron (3) Absorption Bands in the Spectra of Mars19850015304Analytic SubsidiaryZeolites on Mars: Prospects for Remote Sensing19850015305Analytic SubsidiaryRemote Sensing Analyses of Localized Lunar Dark Mantle Deposits19850015306Analytic SubsidiarySpectral Reflectance Studies of the Orientale Basin19850015307Analytic SubsidiaryAccurate Albedos of the Brightest Regions on Io19850015308Analytic SubsidiaryIo: Precise Comparison of Voyager Spectral Curves with Laboratory Measurements19850015309Analytic SubsidiaryPhotometric Analysis of Jupiter-illuminated Images of Io19850015310Analytic SubsidiarySpectral Units on Europa and Ganymede19850015311Analytic SubsidiaryDetermining Mineral Types and Abundances from Reflectance Measurements19850015312Analytic SubsidiaryDetermination of Mineral Type, Abundance, and Grain Size with Remotely Obtained Reflectance Spectra19850015313Analytic SubsidiaryAutomated Extraction of Absorption Bands from Reflectance Special19850015314Analytic SubsidiaryQuantitative Analyses of Planetary Reflectance Spectra19850015315Analytic SubsidiaryAnalysis of SMIRR Data for Volcanic and Sedimentary Terrains of the Trans-pecos Region, Texas19850015316Analytic SubsidiaryMonte Carlo Modeling of Lunar Megaregolith Development19850015317Analytic SubsidiaryChemical Weathering of Soils from the Dry Valleys of Antarctica: a Terrestrial Analog of Martian Weathering Processes19850015318Analytic SubsidiaryProperties of Filamentary Sublimation Residues from Dispersions of Clay in Ice19850015319Analytic SubsidiaryProgress in Planetary Radarclinometry19850015320Analytic SubsidiaryMercury radar altimetry: A preliminary analysis19850015321Analytic SubsidiaryUnsupervised Classification of Global Radar Units on Venus19850015322Analytic SubsidiaryMapping and Geological Analysis of Mercury and Venus Radar Ranging Data19850015323Analytic SubsidiaryCorrection and Geological Analysis of Lunar 3.8 Cm Radar Data19850015324Analytic SubsidiaryLandform Identification on Radar Images19850015325Analytic SubsidiaryMars Radar Catalog19850015326Analytic SubsidiaryStatistics of Aeolian Surface of Mars19850015327Analytic SubsidiaryRadar and the Detection of Liquid Water on Mars19850015328Analytic SubsidiaryIntra-eruption Geologic Map from an X-band Radar Image During the May 18, 1980 Eruption of Mount St. Helens, Washington19850015329Analytic SubsidiaryRadar Observations of Fissure-fed Basaltic Lava Flows, Craters of the Moon, Idaho19850015330Analytic SubsidiaryLate Tertiary and Quaternary river systems of the eastern Sahara as mapped on shuttle radar and LANDSAT images19850015331Analytic SubsidiaryAnalyses of Radar Images of Small Craters19850015332Analytic SubsidiaryMechanisms of Basalt-plains Ridge Formation19850015333Analytic SubsidiaryTerrestrial Analogs for Planetary Wrinkle Ridges19850015334Analytic SubsidiaryOn the Absence of Strike-slip Faults from the Planets and Satellites19850015335Analytic SubsidiaryLunar Mascon Loading: an Example of the Importance of Fault Initiation Depth on Fault Type Predictions from Stresses on Planetary Surfaces19850015336Analytic SubsidiaryThe Deep Structure of Lunar Basins: Clues to the Understanding of Basin Formation and Modification19850015337Analytic SubsidiaryBouguer Images of the North American Craton19850015338Analytic SubsidiaryPlanetary Interior Modeling and Tectonic Implications19850015339Analytic SubsidiaryElysium Region, Mars: Tests of Lithospheric Loading Models for the Formation of Tectonic Features19850015340Analytic SubsidiaryLithologic and Structural Control on Slope Morphology in the Valles Marineris19850015341Analytic SubsidiaryValles Marineris Basin Beds: a Complex Story19850015342Analytic SubsidiaryMars: Stratigraphy of Western Highlands and Polar Regions19850015343Analytic SubsidiaryKasei Vallis of Mars: Dating the Interplay of Tectonics and Geomorphology19850015344Analytic SubsidiaryCreep of Ice: Further Studies19850015345Analytic SubsidiaryFault Offsets and Lateral Crustal Movement on Europa19850015346Analytic SubsidiaryThree-layer Generic Ganymedes: Structure and Evolution19850015347Analytic SubsidiaryLineaments on Ganymede: New Evidence for Late Tectonic Activity19850015348Analytic SubsidiaryGlobal Tectonics on Ganymede19850015349Analytic SubsidiaryTectonics of the Galileo Regio on Ganymede19850015350Analytic SubsidiaryImportance of the Tectonic Motions on Ganymede19850015351Analytic SubsidiaryTectonics of the Valhalla Structure on Callisto19850015352Analytic SubsidiaryMars Geologic Mapping: a Review and New Concepts19850015353Analytic SubsidiaryThe Galilean Satellite Geological Mapping Program, 198419850015354Analytic SubsidiaryGeology of the Ganymede Quadrangle Jg719850015355Analytic SubsidiaryMars Planimetric Mapping19850015356Analytic SubsidiaryViking Lander Mosaics of Mars19850015357Analytic SubsidiaryVoyager Cartography19850015358Analytic SubsidiaryA Unified Lunar Control Network19850015359Analytic SubsidiaryThe Control Network of Mars: October 198419850015360Analytic SubsidiaryThe Control Networks of the Satellites of Jupiter and Saturn19850015361Analytic SubsidiaryShape of Io19850015171Analytic SubsidiaryThe violet absorber on Io: Disulfur monoxide derivatives19850015282Analytic SubsidiaryMars: Long Term Changes in the State and Distribution of H2O19850015243Analytic SubsidiaryExperimental methods for quenching structures in lunar-analog silicate melts: Variations as a function of quench media and composition