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Eolian Erosion on Mars: Three ScalesFormation and erosion of deposits on Mars with vertical scales of 100 to 1,000 meters and horizontal scales of 100 km may have occurred at rates very different from present ones. Evidence for the rates on small scales comes from observations of dust storms and photometry of wind streaks. These observations cover scales less than 1 cm vertically and time scales less than 10 years. Intermediate scale features such as yardangs and sand dunes are more difficult to evaluate, but for dunes, plausible rates of transport may be calculated. Net eolian action in some areas may be so low that in order to study the large features one needs to select those likely to have been modified more rapidly and that exhibit distinctive contrasts with surrounding areas. Best suited for such study are relatively soft deposits overlying more resistant substrates. Viking Orbiter images of four of the largest such areas were examined to test how the erosional features correlate with patterns attributable to winds, properties of deposits, or non-eolian erosion, and for constraints on erosion and transport rates.
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Thomas, P. G.
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August 12, 2013
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April 1, 1985
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Publication: NASA, Washington Repts. of Planetary Geol. and Geophys. Program
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Lunar And Planetary Exploration
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