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A Unified Lunar Control NetworkA unified network program can tie independent regional networks into a single consistent planetwide control network. The Apollo 15, 16, and 17 ALSEP stations were identified on Apollo panorama photography and their locations transferred to Apollo mapping frames. Two primary control networks were computed based on the Apollo mapping pictures. Although these systems were computed relative to the center-of-mass, it was necessary to translate their origins to best-fit the ALSEP locations. The DMAAC/A15 system was translated 299 + or - 165 m and the NOS/USGS system was translated 2033 + or - 575 m. Many control networks have been computed based on pictures of the Moon taken through telescopes; these cover the Earth-facing region. Points common to the Apollo networks and to a telescopic network (Meyer, 1980) were selected. Using these points in the overlapping region of the two networks, best-fit translation, rotation, and scale parameters are computed to adjust the telescopic net to the Apollo net. As a start, ten well distributed points have been selected and parameters determined to adjust the telescopic network to the translated DMAAC/A15 system and the NOS/USGS system. The goodness of fit has not yet been examined.
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Davies, M. E.
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August 12, 2013
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April 1, 1985
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Publication: NASA, Washington Repts. of Planetary Geol. and Geophys. Program, 1984
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Lunar And Planetary Exploration
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