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Materials requirements for high-efficiency silicon solar cellsTo achieve higher Si solar cell efficiencies (greater than 20%), better single-crystal Si must be produced. It is believed possible to bring Cz (Czochralski) Si up to the same low recombination level as FZ (Float Zone) Si. It is also desirable that solar cell Si meet the following requirements: long minority carrier lifetime (0.2 ohm-cm p-type with tau less than 500 microsec); repeatedly uniform lifetime (not spread from 50 to 1000 microsec); a lifetime that does not decrease during normal device processing; a silicon wafer sheet that is flat and stays throughout normal device processing; uniform and reasonable mechanical strength; and, manufacture at low cost (less than $50/sq m).
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Wolf, M.
(Pennsylvania Univ. Philadelphia, PA, United States)
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August 12, 2013
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August 15, 1985
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Publication: JPL Proceedings of the Flat-Plate Solar Array Project Workshop
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Energy Production And Conversion
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